8 Tips To Maximize Your Sales During The Holiday Season

8 Tips To Maximize Your Sales During The Holiday Season

Ensure a successful and profitable year-end by planning and organizing the visual presentation of your Retail Space.

Make your products visible and accessible

Inspire yourself from the big name retail stores. You should have noticed that the most expensive and most profitable products are always positioned at eye level. During the holiday season, try placing your products, kits and any marketing messages in the field of view ranging from the hips to the eyes.

Pack your product kits and gift certificates

When a person walks into a store, they are looking at the packaging, not the product itself. To create a more festive atmosphere and to encourage sales, create kits with your products and use gift boxes for your gift certificates. To high light your more prestigious products, try accentuating them with some type of lighting.

Try to maintain a balanced showcase

Your showcase must be your invitation to the passerby. A well-designed window display encourages impulse sales and piques a customer’s interest. To avoid having your showcase appear too cluttered and visually overwhelming, place your darker products on the lower shelves and your lighter ones on the upper shelves. It is a known fact that lighter colors enhance the effect created by natural light and makes an object look much bigger than what it is.

The Impact of quality of light On Retail Sales

Play with the lighting to high light your retail products. Quality lighting enhances the perception of value of both merchandise and the retail environments in which it is sold. High quality lighting can greatly enhance the desired traffic flow through a retail space, directing customers to intended point of sale areas.

The psychology of color at retail

Play with colors. The one major psychological influence that all retailers exert is to make use of color. We react fundamentally to colors because they help us make sense of our surroundings. Design the decor of your retail space around a central color. Color is central to coherence because we react instinctively to it. Red, for example, is a dynamic color usually associated with promotions and discounts while black, silver and gold are often associated with luxury and prestige.

Point Of Sale: Maximizing your space's selling potential

Again, inspire yourself from the big name retail stores and boost overall sales by placing impulse-buy items such as nail polish, gift cards, hand creams etc…. close to the checkout line. Run customers through a gauntlet of products before they reach the register. This will surely encourage last minute purchases.

Increase Sales by Communicating the Big Picture

To drive sales and deliver your brand message effectively, go for strategically placed signs throughout your space. Having signs to advertise specials or new products is a great way to get customers interested while maximizing sales. Store signs helps make products stand out and they can convince customers to buy something now rather than later.

Target both street pedestrians and drivers

Have attractive window displays to catch the interest of both pedestrians and drivers passing by. Arrange your showcase with articles of different sizes. The smaller items will be visible to pedestrians while the larger ones will be visible to the drivers.Displays that visually capture the attention of passers by should stop people and compel them to come in.

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