How to Encourage New Clients to try New Skincare

How to Encourage New Clients to try New Skincare

The first thing we tend to notice about someone when meeting them is their face. Whether it’s the eyes or smile that stands out first, we make impressions daily through facial expressions. Feeling good in your skin is an important asset that helps boost confidence, helps us feel radiant, and helps us look and feel beautiful. There are many skin concerns and goals clients and consumers are looking to achieve. However, they can be hesitant to try new products for fear of breaking out, wasting money, having a bad reaction, or changing what they like about their skin already.

Whether you are new to the industry or just looking for some new tricks, here are our tips.

Firstly, it is so crucial for the client to understand their skin type. As professionals, we need to provide a comprehensive skin evaluation to help identify the client’s needs and the products that will work for their skin type. There is a lot of misconception with clients believing their skin is a lot more sensitive than it. Possibly after being irritated by a harsher product or that their skin is dry versus dehydrated by an example once experiencing some scaly patches. Everyone’s skin goals and concerns are different. Although to comprehend why a product would work well for them and work well for someone with skin that looks different from their skin, the client needs to understand what this product is targeting in their skin through its active ingredients. Taking the time with a client to analyze their skin and explain the products will help them form trust with you, the professional, and your spa by providing them with all the necessary information.

Samples, samples, samples. Allowing your client to try the products at home on their own time is a great way to encourage them to incorporate a new facial cleanser, exfoliant, cream, toner, or serum into their daily routine. Once the sample runs out, there is a high probability that they will come back to buy it if they loved it and are now used to using it.

A patch test is always a good option for those hesitant about new products. Individuals with highly sensitized skin are generally worried about the reaction their skin might have towards the products. Instead of applying the skincare directly to the face, choose to applicate it to a small area behind the ear where it is less noticeable in case they have a reaction. If the client does not react, they will be able to form a sense of trust in that formula and may be more open to trying others in the collection.

The patch test brings us to our next new skincare tip. Incorporating an entirely new product line can be overwhelming to the client. Try to open clients up to the product line by offering one new product at a time. This option will allow the client’s skin to adapt to the ingredients. It will help the client learn where to include the product within the routine. It will also encourage clients to test out more of the product line when they are ready to expand their morning/night routine by possibly adding toners, oils, serums, etc.

Advise your client that trying new products on different days may also be an effective way to incorporate the new suggested products. There are multiple reasons to do this. Not all products are to be applied daily. The frequency of the products should be according to the labeling instructions or as recommended by the professional. Trying the products on different days will help your clients observe which ones helped their skin or give them great results. By the same effect, trying products on alternate days will also help the client realize if they didn’t like a product, which one was it instead of grouping the whole collection as ineffective or irritating to their skin.

At Derme & Co we understand the importance of protecting your skin and using high-quality and effective products. We hope these tips help your clients feel more comfortable when trying new brands and formulas.