Maximize Your Sales: Target your staff’s priorities

Maximize Your Sales: Target your staff’s priorities

Customer file details, services offered, equipment, product names, ingredients, etc., are all information your employees have to remember. Overwhelmed by so much data, your staff can quickly lose the thread of conversation and compromise a sale and bypass the fundamentals of a specific product. Maximize your sales by refocusing the priorities of your employees.

Every week, focus your employees on the sale of a product or group of specific products

  • Select, for example, “4 products of the week” as part of your inventory of unsold or popular products.
  • Gather your team and discuss the strengths of each product and all its characteristics (advantages, ingredients, benefits, results, recommendations, texture, size, duration, prices, discounts, etc.).
  • Each of your employees should know all the selling points of each selected product perfectly as well as any associated promotions. Do not hesitate to let them pass a knowledge test.

Help your employees adapt their conversation according to their sales expertise

  • Regardless of your employees area of expertise, there is always a way to highlight your products of the week according to the services offered.
  • Ex: Is one of your employees an expert in hair removal? Have her promote moisturizing products for the body or anti-impurity products to prevent post-depilatory eruptions or even soothing products to limit sensitivity.

Set goals for your employees clearly and concisely

  • Set a sales target for the “Product of the Week” to be attained by each employee weekly.
  • Do a daily follow-up of each employee’s sales progress. Evaluate them, encourage them and reward them.

Put your special products on display

  • Expose your products of the week on a counter or a table in the middle of your retail space. Your employees will be reminded of the products on which they should focus on.
  • Place a tester in front of each product group along with fact sheets about the product as well as the service, price and discount offered.

Maximize sales to new customers and existing customers

For existing clients:

  • Accustom each employee to evaluate customer purchase history on products and services (date of last purchase, products purchased, etc.).
  • Having confidence before a client’s arrival, your employee will be ready to offer a complete renewal care recommendation, complementary products to try and discover new or seasonal care.

For new clients:

  • Teach your employee to be fully knowledgeable about 7 products that can be used on all skin types. Example: a cleanser, a toner, an exfoliant, a moisturizer, a sunscreen, an eye contour cream and a body product.
  • When a new client walks through the door of your institute, regardless of age and skin type, there will always be something on this list that your employees will be able to recommend without fail.

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