Last year, Manon Pilon, our President and R&D Director spoke with American Spa Magazine about this new era of male spa goers and how it can be advantageous for the spa to promote spa services and products geared toward men.

Why do you think men are visiting spas more today than ever before?

Thanks to the internet and news articles, men are becoming increasingly aware of the products and services that are developed specifically for them. Men are becoming more educated in regards to their skin’s needs. For example, men have more sebaceous glands on the face which is why they require different skin care products.

What products and treatments are men most attracted to at spas today?

Men are attracted to multi-purpose products that are specifically developed for men. For instance, one of the best sellers in the Nelly De Vuyst men’s line is the cleansers as they can use them to clean their skin and shave.

In terms of services, men are attracted to spas and medical spas offering facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and laser hair removal.

What are some obstacles that often keep men from embracing the spa experience (time, money, etc)? How can spas help with these obstacles?

One of the obstacles is time, they prefer early in the morning before work or later at night after their day of work. This is why opening at 7 AM would be a great opportunity to attract a male clientele and what I believe is going to become increasingly popular.

How can express services and multitasking products help entice men to visit the spa?

Men are very practical and simple. If we can design a treatment where a manicure is performed while receiving an express facial, we would attract more men to come to the spas.
Also creating an environment that welcomes the male clientele.

Can you offer any tips for spas on marketing and promoting spa services and products geared toward men?

Start by offering one day every three months where you offer men-only promotions. This is a great way to start building your male clientele. You can call your clients and promote this day and eventually, through promotion and word-of-mouth your spa will be known by more men.

You can also reach out to local gyms and golf clubs and offer educational tips and services for the men-only day! It is important to be inclusive of men in your marketing efforts including social media, service menus, blogs etc.

How has the gender-neutral product trend helped men embrace spas?

The high proportion of men showing engagement in spa and salon treatments highlights that consumers are moving away from gender stereotypes while embracing gender neutrality.

As 31 per cent of spa-goers are men, the demand for products and services designed specifically with men in mind is at an all time high.

This is partly because spas have learned how to create a gender-neutral atmosphere where both men and women feel comfortable, with treatments that are named specifically for men like the ‘Gentleman’s Facial’.