October is Cancer Awareness Month. Limiting our exposure to toxic chemicals and stopping the use of forever chemicals that can’t biodegrade is key for our health and for the planet. For years, skin care was thought to stay on the surface of our skin but with more global research available and the confirmation of the presence of chemicals in blood samples we know now that ingredients can penetrate deeper than first thought, and accumulate. The good news is that after 72 hours of eliminating exposure to these ingredients, levels in the human body dropped significantly.

Derme&Co is the largest GMP laboratory in North America with productrs that are certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert. From its source to our skin, this level of quality, safety and performance is unsurpassed in the industry. We are proud to offer you the highest levels of skin care certifications in the world, labeling for transparency and accuracy you can trust along with result-based formulas that you will love!

With COSMOS ORGANIC certifications you can be sure to avoid any concerning ingredients as Ecocert prohibits the use of over 1 500 toxic ingredients. But unfortunately some are still commonly used in many cosmetics today. If you want a reliable, trustworthy and environmentally responsible skin care, Derme&Co and COSMOS has you covered.

We invite you in the month of October to do the Derme&Co Detox, Clean and Green challenge! The inspiration behind this challenge is to become aware of how many toxic ingredients we come into contact with multiple times a day, increasing our exposure, then finding healthier alternatives with companies that are eco-friendly. Everyday this month, look at one product that you use in your skin care routine and don’t forget to include personal care items and cleaning products. Then eliminate any product containing any of the Toxic 20 and start replacing them with clean and safe formulas.

Trust in Druide® and Nelly De Vuyst® for clean and green formulas.

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