In our efforts to obtain the fountain of youth we sometimes overlook the foundational aspects of healthy skin. Today we want simplicity with results or little effort with big benefits when it comes to our skin. In today’s article, we will go back to the basics of what defines healthy skin.

The health of our skin and how our skin types evolve depends on many factors from genetics, the products we use, our daily habits, and lifestyle. Our skin is an organ that’s constantly communicating its needs along with protecting us from our environment. When our skin is healthy it can do its job well. But what if our skin is not healthy, what are the symptoms and what can be contributing factors, and most importantly what can we do to restore a healthy balance.

Step 1. Know your skin type and condition, selecting adapted products according to your skin type rather than looking for the latest ingredient trend will be the first step. There are so many result-orientated options today that selecting the right formula is just as important as the key active ingredients you might be looking for.

Step 2. Invest in a good prebiotic-based cleanser and pH rebalancing toner that won’t strip your skin of essential moisture. This is the most important step that we can do daily to improve your health of our skin’s hydrolipidic barrier and to maintain an optimal skin pH.

Step 3. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and impurities that can result in congestion and a dull complexion. This is a simple step that will result in more radiant skin instantly.

Step 4. Hydrate and protect. The addition of a corrective moisturizer adapted to our skin type and a good quality SPF is the best way to correct imbalances along with protecting your skin from UV damage.

And last but not least we also need to feed our skin with a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Drink a sufficient amount of water every day and avoid alcohol in excess that can age our skin prematurely. It’s an investment with multiple benefits. When we take care of our skin it takes better care of us