Manon Pilon, our President and R&D Director answers frequently asked questions about how to prevent and treat razor bumps as well as present Nelly De Vuyst product recommendations.

What are razor bumps?

Razor bumps are small infections in the follicle that causes a red bump! It may be an ingrown hair or folliculitis.

The skin is there to protect us and when we shave in the opposite way of the hair growth, the hair cut inside the skin and causes irritation and unbalance the skin protection (the microbiota) affecting the skin natural defence and unfortunately it may cause a bump.

If the skin microbiota is not healthy to start with or not in balance, the skins natural defence is impaired and can easily react by allowing pathogenic bacteria to proliferate causing a bump on the skin.

How do you get razor bumps?

Razor bumps are caused in most cases by shaving in the wrong direction leaving a short and sharp hair cutting into the skin causing a small infection in the follicle or the hair shaft grow in to the skin causing ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair may cause folliculitis where to the hair follicle gets infected, which causes small red often painful bump.

How can you tell the difference between a razor bump and an ingrown hair? 

You can tell the difference from ingrown hair who usually appears under the skin with a small skin layer over it and a razor pump is usually a small skin infection causing a small pimple a bump that is red like a small pimple and may also appear with pus (pustule) and you can see also a combination of both ingrown hair mix with a small infection in the follicle called folliculitis.

What are some ways to get rid of razor bumps when you have them? 

Bio Femme from Nelly De Vuyst Propose the Ingrown Hair Complex to apply right after shaving or waxing to prevent ingrown hair to appear, it works instantly!  If you are predisposed to folliculitis or bumps or irritations, use a drop of Ingrown Hair Complex every day and after shaving or waxing you can also apply the Bio Femme Mask.

Perfect formulation to avoid those bumps caused by depilation.

For persistent ingrown hair: spray with the Firming Toner from BioFemme (Aloe Vera Juice, Natural Alum Stone Powder, Hamamelis Extract, Baobab Extract, Arginine, Salicylic Acid.)

right after shaving and then apply daily a few drops on the are of the

Ingrown Hair Complex, its performance is due to the synergy of the main ingredients including the Tea Tree Essential Oil, Cyperus Esculentus Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, Sage Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Star Anise Essential Oil, Magnolia Essential Oil, Vitamin E, allow a successful result on Ingrown hair!

How can you prevent razor bumps?

What you should AVOID:
Shaving, tight clothing, plucking or picking hair, sweat or personal products that irritate the micro flora of the follicle, products that are occlusive or skin-clogging such as mineral oil, covering the skin with non-breathable materials or synthetic clothing, when the immune system is impaired, touching the skin post razor with unclean hands, unhealthy skin to start with.

Shaving in the same direction of the hair growth. Avoiding to use tweezers ,plucking causes traction on the hair follicle and may cause the hair to grow inside the skin.

Apply a pH Toner with no alcohol. Make sure not to apply any products at least two hours after shaving or use a cold compress right after shaving.

If you are prone to ingrown hair or bumps use A few drops of the Ingrown Hair Complex by Nelly de Vuyst and you will never get bumps, Folliculitis, or ingrown hair again!