Many are asking themselves some serious and daunting questions. Questions like, are we going to lose our clients? Will they be scared to visit us? How will this shape the nature of our businesses?

There are simple steps that you can start putting in place in order to be ready once the green light is given. The implementation of increased hygiene/disinfecting protocols and procedures not to mention the use of proper PPE when servicing clients will need to be adopted and will become the norm within the service industry. Should you wish to continue operating a successful business post-pandemic, these measures will be essential in order to provide your staff, clients the peace of mind that they will be safe in your place of business.

Get in touch with your clients

The first thing you should do is contact your top 50 clients. You should ask them how they are doing and explain to them the added protocols and procedures that your business will be putting in place once they are back visiting you.

Here are some mandatory steps for all

Everyone that will come to the clinic for an appointment will be directed to wash their hands 20 seconds under hot water or sanitize their hands. Questionnaires will be filled and signed in regards to symptoms (pens will be sanitized between clients) or those that have the technology, can have their clients filling out their questionnaire via their own cell phone electronically.

Everyone is required…

All staff will be wearing protective masks, disposable gloves, and sanitize their work area in between clients, and we will make that social distancing measure in the waiting room area are respected. All the beds will be covered with disposable materials in order to assure the safety of our clients. Staff, we will be wearing protective masks, disposable gloves with each client, credit card terminal will be sanitized between clients.


There are companies like ours that set up affiliate programs clients to profit while the supplier carries the weight of logistics and drop shipping. Other opportunities via online boutique stores using your exclusive links will be available to capitalize on. This will allow you to offer new products (skin care products, hand creams, sanitizer, SPF, toothpaste, shampoo, baby products, and more) to your clients without caring for any inventory!

All this is accomplished through exclusive links generated for your business and that you will be able to share via all social platforms to generate revenue all in the comfort of your home.

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Let’s face it, your clients trust you! 

Your know-how and expertise in product recommendation to guide your clients in their buying decision can open up other opportunities such as developing your own skin care line and benefit from the exclusivity, online distribution opportunities, and margins this option can provide to you.

Reinventing yourself

Video consultation is a new opportunity that people are now ready to accept with the Covid-19 situation, consulting and selling for your time is now widely accepted, depending on the country provinces or state law may apply but this opens new opportunities! Creating online educational videos for your clients and or members can be profitable. 

Start offering consultation and skin care consultation with consultation fees! You can reimburse them if they book an appointment or purchase your skin care products! 30 minutes online via a platform like Zoom or another platform can make a big difference on your bottom line!

You can find our educational video on Youtube here:

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Simple steps to generate income!

We all have a following on our social media! Even via your friends and families. All you need to do is copy-paste your exclusive product link (on vendors that are set up) on a post, publicity, or educational video that you like et voilà, generate more income! Communicate this on your social media, web page, and promote it via your client database and generate revenues!

Create your own skin care brand!

Promoting and creating your own brand can be possible in less than 10 days! With a minimal investment of $5,000 – 10,000, you can own a skin care product brand and have worldwide exclusivity! 

Make sure that the laboratory you select is certified GMP and using organic certified ingredients in terms of plants, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C and formulas that are effective with proven results.

It is really trendy to have clean ingredients for the sustainability of our planet, recycling packaging and trendy ingredients and formulas to choose from is made easy! 

Make sure you tell us what will be your investment from the beginning in order not to get caught into big commitments, it’s not the time! Our company can bottle and label your products in less than 10 days, but make sure not to have big stocks to start, with less than 35 items and not more than 8 SKUs. Keep your money to promote!  

Having your skin care brand will add value to your business, as it is a different business complementary to yours which adds value!

This business can take off and be bigger than your existing practice! A new business that you can sell separately or operated separately later depends on the turns it takes!  

Partner with your product suppliers that will help you grow by creating partnerships for your success!

Find more details on how to create your own skin care line here:



Make sure you equip yourself with sufficient PPE, sanitizer before you open!

Make sure you communicate via your social media or phone call that you care and you take full precautions for your clients/ patients and your staff.

Manon Pilon