• Essential Concentrate | Oligo

    Earn 111 DermePoints

    Reinforces the epidermis texture and protects against the negative effects of pollution. Eliminates signs of tiredness and revitalizes the skin, fading fine lines. Promotes a healthy bright complexion.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Evolution Actinyl No.1 | Balancing Care

    Earn 109 DermePoints

    For acne prone skin. Localized application. Evens out the texture of the skin and re-equilibrates its natural protection. *Must be used with: Evolution Actinyl #2 – Repair Care.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Evolution Actinyl No.2 | Repair Care

    Earn 109 DermePoints

    Moisturizer for acne prone skin. Recommended for oily skin with acne (pimples). *Must be used with: Evolution Actinyl No.1 – Balancing Care.

    [ 1.01 fl.oz – 30 ml ]

  • Evolution Actinyl No.4 | Bleamish Clear

    Earn 113 DermePoints

    Localized care (roll on) for acne prone skin. Helps restore the skin’s natural balance and uniform complexion.

    [ 0.34 fl.oz – 10 ml ]

  • Eye Contour Micro-Gel

    Earn 132 DermePoints

    High performance eye care. Helps to fight the appearance of wrinkles, under eye bags and dark circles. Gives an immediate fresh feeling that soothes eye contour. Moisturizes and renders the skin its natural elasticity.

    [ 0.67 fl.oz – 20 ml ]

  • Global Action Serum | Eye Contour

    Earn 174 DermePoints

    For the eye contour. Anti-aging, lifting. Its Micro-Gel texture delivers a unique feel on application. Skin is visibly smoother and wrinkles soften after the first few applications.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Global Anti-Age Body Fluid

    Earn 224 DermePoints

    For the body, this treatment takes into account the multiple effects responsible for the premature aging of the skin. Its fine and light texture makes it an exceptional care for the body.

    [ 5.07 fl.oz – 150 ml ]

  • Global Lift Program 30 Days

    Earn 650 DermePoints

    For the face and the neck. Anti-aging, lifting. This unique and exclusive concept takes into account the multiple factors responsible for premature skin aging. Composed of two different products working in synergy for optimal results.

    [ 1.01 fl.oz – 30 ml ] – CHRONO CARE
    [ 0.17 fl.oz – 5 ml ] x7 – INTENSIVE SIGN CORRECTOR

  • Hand Beauty | Emulsion Care

    Earn 47 DermePoints

    Moisturizing care for the hands. Skin is soft, hydrated and complexion is even.

    [ 2.53 fl.oz – 75 ml ]

  • Hydro-Control Emulsion

    Earn 116 DermePoints

    Moisturizing care for dehydrated to normal skin types. Restores natural hydration. Maintains the water balance in the superficial layers of the epidermis thus delaying cutaneous aging. Restores a fresh and smooth complexion.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Light Leg Complex | Freshness and Lightness

    Earn 149 DermePoints

    Double effect leg refreshing lotion:

    • Relieving effect: freshens up to rapidly relives tired or heavy legs.
    • Tonifying effect: gives you a feeling of tonification and well-being. Easy to use spray.

    [ 3.38 fl.oz – 100 ml ]

  • Multi-Revitalizing Oil

    Earn 104 DermePoints

    This non-greasy nourishing oil provides an ideal lipid supplement to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Oily Skin Emulsion

    Earn 116 DermePoints

    Hydrating treatment for oily skin. Reduces the appearance of blackheads and prevents the skin from shining. Gives the skin a uniform and matt complexion.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Optimum Lift Emulsion

    Earn 153 DermePoints

    Moisturizes the skin and improves its tone, elasticity and texture. Its smoothing effect reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from the first applications. Makes the facial zones look visibly younger.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Physiodermie | Travel Kit

    Earn 151 DermePoints

    Small and practical. Travel sizes are perfect for the gym bag, chalet, frequent flyers and clients looking to try something new. Travel sizes are a must!

  • Physiodermie Facial Brush

    Earn 30 DermePoints

    The Facial brush is the ideal tool that maximizes the oxygenation of the skin and promotes optimal absorption of all Physiodermie skin care products. Made from boar hair, this brush gently exfoliates the skin while stimulating the microcirculation of the face, neck and décolleté.