• Optimum Lift Emulsion

    Earn 137 DermePoints

    Moisturizes the skin and improves its tone, elasticity and texture. Its smoothing effect reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from the first applications. Makes the facial zones look visibly younger.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Physiodermie | Travel Kit

    Earn 151 DermePoints

    Small and practical. Travel sizes are perfect for the gym bag, chalet, frequent flyers and clients looking to try something new. Travel sizes are a must!

  • Physiodermie Facial Brush

    Earn 27 DermePoints

    The Facial brush is the ideal tool that maximizes the oxygenation of the skin and promotes optimal absorption of all Physiodermie skin care products. Made from boar hair, this brush gently exfoliates the skin while stimulating the microcirculation of the face, neck and décolleté.

  • Physiomask Global | Balancing Revitalizing

    Earn 81 DermePoints

    Peel off film mask rich in PCbG complex, natural essential oils, plant extracts and energizing minerals. Eliminates impurities. Leaves the skin smooth, soft and radiant. Unifies the complexion.

    [ 2.53 fl.oz – 75 ml ]

  • Purifying Emulsion

    Earn 99 DermePoints

    Treating and hydrating cream for impure skin, or skin with blackheads and impurities, dull complexion. Moisturizes while purifying impure skin. Renders a matt and even complexion.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Purity Cleansing Gel | For Men

    Earn 91 DermePoints

    Eliminates toxins and impurities in a single step while paying attention to the skin’s surface protection system.

    [ 4.25 fl.oz / 125 ml ]

  • Recovery Night Mask

    Earn 114 DermePoints

    Radiance-booster cream-mask. A combination of breakthrough technology and efficacy with a comforting velvet smooth texture, for a skin full of vitality upon waking up.

  • Seaweed Bath | Firming

    Earn 111 DermePoints

    Bath. Improves the texture of the skin. Ideal for cellulite. Regular use in synergy with the appropriate Essential Bath Oil will produce faster and longer lasting results.

    [ 6.76 fl.oz – 200 ml ]

  • Sensitive Skin Emulsion

    Earn 108 DermePoints

    Moisturizer and anti-age prevention care for sensitive skin. Rebalances the pH and rejuvenates the epidermis.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Shaving Care Cream | For Men

    Earn 111 DermePoints

    An essential component for wet shaving of male skin. Rich in specific ingredients for softening the hair and respect the skin, it allows an extremely comfortable shaving experience.

    [ 6.76 fl.oz – 200 ml ]

  • Shower Care | Body and Hair | For Men

    Earn 68 DermePoints

    Specific care for man skin and hair. A single step is all that required for thorough cleansing while preserving the natural balance of the skin and scalp.

    [ 6.76 fl.oz – 200 ml ]

  • Shower Hydrating Milk | NB Evolution

    Earn 53 DermePoints

    Gentle lathering cleanser. Cleanses while respecting the epidermis. Leaves the skin soft and supple. May be used for Face and Body.

    [ 6.76 fl.oz – 200 ml ]

  • Shower Hydrating Milk | SL Evolution

    Earn 53 DermePoints

    Gentle lathering cleanser. Cleanses while respecting the epidermis. Leaves the skin soft and supple. May be used for Face and Body.

    [ 6.76 fl.oz – 200 ml ]

  • Soft Face Bio-Peeling

    Earn 112 DermePoints

    Double effect enzyme exfoliator that gently sweeps away dead cells and impurities. Leaves a perfectly clean and smooth skin.

    [ 2.53 fl.oz – 75 ml ]

  • Stabilizing Lotion | pH Balancing

    Earn 46 DermePoints

    A toner micellar lotion rich in soothing and purifying oak root extract that will leave your epidermis perfectly net with a glowy pure complexion. Suitable to skin balancing cleansing and to make up removal.

    [ 6.76 fl.oz – 200 ml ]

  • Sublimating Cream (Fair/Medium)

    Earn 82 DermePoints

    Double-effect tinted cream: immediately corrects wrinkles and blemishes aspect along with anti-aging effect.

    Also available in Medium/Dark (02).