• Callus Shaver 5¾”

    Earn 39 DermePoints

    This durable and rustproof plane is easy and effortless to use. Remove unsightly corns and calluses easily. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 5¾”

  • Callus Shaver 5¾” | Spare Blades

    Earn 7 DermePoints

    Callus and Corn Shaver Replacement Blades for use with the Callus Shaver 5¾”.

    [ 10 Blades ]

  • Cleaner | Curette Nail 5¼”

    Earn 21 DermePoints

    Features two tiny loops to clean under fingernails and toenails. Scrapes away excess acrylic from under and around the nail. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 5¼”

  • Cleaner | Nail 6½”

    Earn 25 DermePoints

    Features two small plane scoops (1mm). Ideal for cleaning under fingernails and toenails. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 6½”

  • Cleaner | Nail Scoop 5″

    Earn 25 DermePoints

    A high-precision tool used to remove fungus. Textured body allows for a secure grip. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 5″

  • Clipper | Fingernail 5½ cm

    Earn 15 DermePoints

    Chrome plated with Fingernail Clipper with curved blades and nail file.

    Size: 5½ cm

  • Clipper | Toenail 9 cm

    Earn 15 DermePoints

    Has a high-precision edge that clips nails for a more gentle manicure or pedicure. It’s much easier to hold and clip than traditional nail clippers. The handle works for either right or left-handed. Curved blades. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 9 cm

  • Cuticle Pusher 4¾”

    Earn 23 DermePoints

    Features thin, hand-buffed edges for pushing back cuticles and cleansing under and around the nail without scratching. Has both round and flat ends. Textured body allows for a secure grip. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 4¾”

  • Cuticle Pusher 5”

    Earn 29 DermePoints

    Features a wide hollow pusher and flat edged pusher. Will not scratch the natural nail. Curved-end conforms to the natural nail when pushing back cuticles. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 5″

  • Cuticle Pusher 5½”

    Earn 33 DermePoints

    Double ended. Features a large chisel and scoop. This dual-purpose implement has a hollow tip (pusher 9 mm) designed to reach the entire cuticle while the spoon is used to clean the dirt out from under the nails. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 5½”

  • Disposable Bed Sheets

    Earn 144 DermePoints

    Soft non-woven disposable fabric. Thick and durable material. Covers bed for waxing, massage or drape. Feels like a natural sheet, no noise and will not stick to client like paper.

    [ 40″x 72″ ] 100/Box

  • Electrode Gel | Blue

    Earn 19 DermePoints

    Made from UV filtered water. Medium viscosity, non-greasy, fragrance free and will not stain. Bacteriostatic water-soluble and hypoallergenic. Excellent lubricating properties, slides easily. Spreads evenly without any leakage or drying out. Made without salt or alcohol.

    [ 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Aloe | Post-Depilatory Gel

    Earn 46 DermePoints

    For a soothing, refreshing effect Aloe Vera has been used by Arabic and African cultures since the Middle Ages for its ability to sooth and heal skin. ÉPILLYSS® ALOE POST‑DEPILATORY GEL was developed to disinfect and soothe the skin after hair removal. It’s particularly recommended for highly sensitive parts of the body. ÉPILLYSS® ALOE POST‑DEPILATORY GEL leaves a cooling sensation on the skin, similar to the feeling of a cold compress. Its gel texture quickly penetrates the skin, producing an immediate and long‑lasting effect. We recommend storing it in a cold place to optimize its cooling aspect. ÉPILLYSS® ALOE POST‑DEPILATORY GEL gives you the opportunity to provide exceptional care that will set you apart from the competition. After application, you can also use our VITAMIN E BIOLOGICAL CREAM for maximum hydration. ÉPILLYSS® ALOE POST‑DEPILATORY GEL can also be used after laser hair removal, exfoliation and injection treatments, or after an irritating treatment such as microdermabrasion. The gel can also be used during galvanic electrotherapy treatments to soothe skin and allow the esthetician to provide a unique, personalized experience.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Carrioff | Reduces Ingrown Hair

    Earn 20 DermePoints

    An effective treatment to prevent ingrown hairs ÉPILLYSS® CARRiOFF is designed to eliminate ingrown hairs throughout the body, including the groin, bikini area, underarms and chin. ÉPILLYSS® CARRiOFF acts by moisturizing and exfoliating the skin, facilitating the hair’s emergence from the skin so it can be easily removed. Ingrown hairs are a common problem for women and men alike. Thanks to CARRiOFF’s powerful yet gentle formula, results are noticeable quickly. You can treat bumps, calm burns from hair removal treatments or shaving and, of course, prevent and treat ingrown hairs.

    [ 3½ fl.oz – 100 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Freelyss | Depilatory Cream

    Earn 48 DermePoints

    Our most environmentally‑friendly wax. FREELYSS cream answers the market demand for an environmentally‑friendly product. It’s completely natural and specifically formulated to provide hair removal treatments that don’t leave any residue on the skin. Composed of natural resin that is free of dyes, parabens and artificial fragrances, it’s the answer to increasing environmental concerns. FREELYSS cream does not create a barrier between the hair follicle and the post‑treatment product applied within 3 minutes of hair removal. This maximizes antibacterial properties of the treatment. When combined with PROHIBIT serum, it can even slow hair regrowth.

    [ 24 oz – 730 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Freelyss | Hard Wax Pucks

    Earn 65 DermePoints

    Made with a natural resin, Epillyss® Freelyss Cream Soft strip-less hard wax is free of dyes, parabens and artificial fragrance. It’s rich, velvety texture applies at a low, comfortable temperature and leaves no sticky residue on the skin. Excellent for all hair types and all areas of the body, particularly those with sensitive skin and prone to post-depilatory reactions such as the back and chest on men and upper lip on women.

    [ 250 g – 2.2 lbs. ] x4