• Epillyss® Magnolia | Pre-Depilatory Gel

    Earn 59 DermePoints

    Reduces discomfort during hair removal. Pre‑depilatory MAGNOLIA gel is the ideal product to make hair removal as comfortable as possible for clients. The mint essential oil contained in this gel disinfects and numbs the skin, reducing sensitivity by more than 20%. This product is particularly recommended for reducing discomfort during hot, humid weather, when wax can become stickier. MAGNOLIA gel is particularly appreciated by individuals with darker skin, which can sometimes be more sensitive. Additionally, its powerful antiseptic properties make MAGNOLIA gel the perfect product for preparing underarm and bikini areas. We recommend asking clients to apply MAGNOLIA gel immediately upon their arrival. This will save time and allow them to benefit from its an aesthetic properties from the very start of the hair removal process.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Marine Collagen | Post-Depilatory Milk

    Earn 46 DermePoints

    MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK is a high‑quality formulation with moisturizing, softening and mineral‑replenishing properties due to its high mineral content. Naturally rich in vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and trace elements, it’s the ideal product for moisturizing, stimulating and firming the skin. MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK can be used daily after hair removal or as a moisturizing body lotion. It’s particularly recommended as moisturizing milk for individuals with dry, alipidic and rough skin. MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK reduces signs of premature aging and has a light, pleasant fragrance. MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK hydrates, tones and softens skin. It’s an ideal way to prevent damages caused by dry skin. Daily use will also render subsequent hair removal treatments easier and less painful. MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK is also recommended for manicures and pedicures, particularly those involving paraffin treatments.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Millenia | Depilatory Gel

    Earn 48 DermePoints

    Our most adherent wax Thanks to Bioresin C3, MILLÉNIA hair removal wax has follicle‑dilating properties that reduce discomfort and skin irritation and redness. The deep purple color of this exceptionally rich hair removal wax is due to the presence of lavender in its formula. MILLÉNIA hair removal wax is easy to apply and cools very quickly. It’s frequently used on coarse hair and on more sensitive areas such as the bikini line and underarm area.

    [ 24 oz – 730 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Novatherm | Depilatory Gel

    Earn 48 DermePoints

    A hair removal gel with superior adherence Its unique formula rich in trace elements gives NOVATHERM hair removal gel a shiny and sparkly appearance. NOVATHERM hair removal gel has superior adherence, allowing for hair removal just 3 days after shaving.

    [ 24 oz – 730 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Novatherm | Hard Wax Pucks

    Earn 61 DermePoints

    Specifically designed for facial hair removal NOVATHERM hard wax is a strip-less hair removal wax that is specifically formulated for facial waxing. Its expert blend of fruity fragrances combines the gentle scent of watermelon with the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of citronella, making it one of our most popular waxes. With its supple, elastic texture, NOVATHERM hard wax is ideal for removing hair from sensitive areas such as the face. The client will experience no discomfort, while allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.

    [ 250 g – 2.2 lbs. ] x4

  • Epillyss® Pre-Depilation Lotion

    Earn 20 DermePoints

    Disinfects skin without drying it. Ideal before or after waxing or for electrolysis. ÉPILLYSS® pre‑depilatory lotion is the ideal product for disinfecting skin before and after hair removal treatments, such as waxing or electrolysis. It contains benzalkonium chloride, which is a powerful antiseptic that is extremely effective against germs, bacteria and yeast. This lotion does not contain any alcohol or alcohol derivatives which could irritate or dry skin. Furthermore, it does not cause skin follicles to constrict resulting in less discomfort during waxing session and making the insertion of electrolysis needle an easier task. We recommend that you offer clients the option of applying the lotion to intimate parts themselves prior to the treatment. ÉPILLYSS® pre‑depilatory lotion can also be used to disinfect feet and is highly effective in eliminating undesirable odors. As you can see, ÉPILLYSS® pre‑depilatory lotion is an essential part of the hair removal process.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Prohibit | Post-Depilatory Serum

    Earn 46 DermePoints

    Slows hair regrowth ÉPILLYSS® PROHIBIT serum is an effective product for fighting hair regrowth, acting over time to thin out and weaken hair by destroying the chemical bonds of hair follicle as it forms. At its base, the hair bulb contains an area where cells are divided, called the hair matrix. Each cell divides every 39 hours, creating a new cell which is pushed upwards as other cells are formed and gradually strengthened by keratin in the upper part of the hair bulb. Therefore, it’s recommended that ÉPILLYSS® PROHIBIT serum be applied during these 39 hours following hair removal to prevent cellular division that produces hair. Results may be visible within 45 days, depending on the individual. ÉPILLYSS® PROHIBIT serum also prevents undesirable skin reactions in sensitive areas and on men’s backs.

    [ 4 fl.oz – 115 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Sensor | Depilatory Gel

    Earn 46 DermePoints

    An ultra‑comfortable wax The use of trace‑elements increases adherence to hair while reducing adherence to skin. SENSOR hair removal wax has a silky texture, and its turquoise color comes from lavender, lemon and mineral extracts. SENSOR hair removal wax has an extremely liquid consistency and can be easily applied in an ultra‑thin layer, meaning that you will use less wax per treatment. Its ease of application makes it the ideal wax for the entire bikini area.

    [ 24 oz – 730 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Vitamin E | Post-Depilatory Cream

    Earn 46 DermePoints

    For optimal regeneration of skin cells An organic skin‑softening vitamin E cream containing high‑quality natural ingredients that moisturize and calm skin. It will soften and sooth even the most sensitive or irritated skin. Daily use of VITAMIN E BIOLOGICAL CREAM is recommended between hair removal treatments to maintain skin health.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® White Queen | Lukewarm Wax

    Earn 41 DermePoints

    Our most popular hair removal wax ever This wax is a milky white color, thanks to a special touch of zinc oxide which has recognized antiseptic and purifying properties. It’s easy to apply and often used on acne or eczema‑prone skin. Zinc oxide also protects against UV rays. This product, with its creamy texture, is appropriate for all hair and skin types— even the most sensitive skin.

    [ 24 oz – 730 ml ]

  • Eyelash | Protection Pads

    Earn 21 DermePoints

    These Eye and Brow Protection Pads are designed to keep the technician from tinting the skin under the eyes or around the brow area during a lash or brown tint treatment.

    [ 100/Pkg ] 2”x1”

  • Face Rest Covers | Disposable

    Earn 54 DermePoints

    These flat disposable face rest covers are designed to be used with the face/headrests. This non-woven breathable material is wonderful protection for your headrests. They are disposable, soft and affordable providing extra sanitation for your clients and easy clean-up for yourself.

    [ 100/Pkg ] White

  • Foam Slippers | Disposable | Black

    Earn 21 DermePoints

    Hygienic, waterproof, with non-skid soles. Made of ecologically friendly material: EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). EVA is a petroleum based material that is easily recycled and is biodegradable.

    [ 12/Pkg ]

  • Gibson’s Towels

    Earn 84 DermePoints

    Professional top-quality towels made of 100% virgin materials. Ideal for esthetic, hairdressing salon, massage clinics.

    [ 12″x 24″ ] 3 Ply – 500/Box

  • Ingrown Toenail File 5½” M

    Earn 25 DermePoints

    Helps to prevent future ingrown nail problems. File the sharp or ragged corners from toenails after they have been undercut. Gently slide under the ingrown nail. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 5½” M

  • Intensive | Eyelash Tint Developer

    Earn 39 DermePoints

    This hydrogen peroxide based cream developer is designed to be used with any of the lash & brow hair tints. The cream base makes it easier to use. It runs less and allows more control for the esthetician. Great for students and beginners.

    [ 0.68 fl.oz – 20 ml ]