• Cuticle Pusher 4¾”

    Features thin, hand-buffed edges for pushing back cuticles and cleansing under and around the nail without scratching. Has both round and flat ends. Textured body allows for a secure grip. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 4¾”

  • Cuticle Pusher 5”

    Features a wide hollow pusher and flat edged pusher. Will not scratch the natural nail. Curved-end conforms to the natural nail when pushing back cuticles. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 5″

  • Cuticle Pusher 5½”

    Double ended. Features a large chisel and scoop. This dual-purpose implement has a hollow tip (pusher 9 mm) designed to reach the entire cuticle while the spoon is used to clean the dirt out from under the nails. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 5½”