• Basic Training | Introduction to Facial Care

    Discover the skin care universe. This initiation proposes an overview of sanitizing, skin examination and facial care methods including face, neck and cleavage massage techniques.

    Duration: 6 Days

  • Global Lift Program 30 Days

    For the face and the neck. Anti-aging, lifting. This unique and exclusive concept takes into account the multiple factors responsible for premature skin aging. Composed of two different products working in synergy for optimal results.

    [ 1.01 fl.oz – 30 ml ] – CHRONO CARE
    [ 0.17 fl.oz – 5 ml ] x7 – INTENSIVE SIGN CORRECTOR

  • Serum BioTense

    The Serum BioTense is a revolutionary concentrate used on the face and neck that defies time and gravity to restore youth and vitality to the skin from the first application.

    [ 1.00 fl.oz – 30 ml ]