• Dark Spot Corrector Micro-Emulsion

    This slightly tinted and light texture emulsion moisturizes the skin and evens immediately skin tone. Reduces brown spots and imperfection.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Hand Cream

    Ideal for the care of dry and rough hands showing dark spots.
    Composed of moisturizing, restorative and protective ingredients. Forms an ultra-hydrating invisible glove that protects hands from drying out. Prevents the appearance of brown spots and rough skin. Hands are softer and appear visibly younger.

    [ 5.20 oz – 150 g ]

  • Nelly De Vuyst® 3 | Skin Pathologies

    Steps to a complete consultation. Learn what questions to ask in order to get the desired results. Presentation of the global approach tools. See the causes, aggravating factors and treatment options (retail & professional) for hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, acne rosacea and premature aging. Lifestyle recommendation and paramedical solutions.

  • Radiance Cream

    The Radiance Cream is a revolutionary moisturizing* emulsion specifically formulated for any skin type with brown spots and dull complexion or prone to hyperpigmentation. Made with red algae known for its lightening and radiance-enhancing properties, this unique formula helps render a lighter, even and more radiant looking complexion within 30 days. Containing argan oil, a regenerating and anti-aging ingredient, the Radiance Cream helps the skin keep its optimal hydration*. Also prevents acne scars. *Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.

    [ 1.75 oz – 50 g ]

  • Sheerwave® IPL360

    An innovative device of a remarkable efficiency with an exceptional price/quality ratio. Latest and safest technology available today. User friendly device equipped with two hand pieces allowing to perform a wide range of treatments. Requires no additional hand pieces. International Safety and Clinical Approvals.