• Bannipil | Post-Dipilatory Lotion

    Post – Depilatory Spray. Bannipil is a specially selected formula to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml]

  • Ingrown Hair Complex BioFemme

    Ideal to use after hair removal, laser treatment or shaving. Recommended for the prevention of ingrown hair and folliculitis. A natural cleansing and purifying complex that also prevents skin rashes.

    [ 1.00 fl.oz – 30 ml ]

  • Pro Tweezers | Pointed 3½”

    Ideal for removing the smallest and finest hair. Also used for ingrown hair, stubble and splinters. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 3½”

  • Pro Tweezers | Slanted 3½”

    Essential tweezer features a slanted, perfect tip alignment that securely grasps hair every time. Ideal for shaping eyebrows and removing facial or body hair. Also used for removing fine hair, ingrown and splinters. Made of Stainless Steel.

    Size: 3½”