• After Shaving Care | Hydrating Soothing | For Men

    Soothes, moisturizes and regenerates facial skin after shaving. Protects the skin from dryness and irritation and helps prevent premature signs of ageing due to shaving.

    [ 4.2 fl.oz – 175 ml ]

  • pH Soothing Gel BioFemme

    Specially designed for the intimate feminine area prone to discomfort, dryness or itching. Helps to maintain the balance of beneficial flora to provide overall purity, freshness and optimal well-being for everyday life.

    [ 5.30 fl.oz – 150 ml ]

  • Shaving Care Cream | For Men

    An essential component for wet shaving of male skin. Rich in specific ingredients for softening the hair and respect the skin, it allows an extremely comfortable shaving experience.

    [ 6.76 fl.oz – 200 ml ]

  • Shower Care | Body and Hair | For Men

    Specific care for man skin and hair. A single step is all that required for thorough cleansing while preserving the natural balance of the skin and scalp.

    [ 6.76 fl.oz – 200 ml ]

  • Soothing Lotion

    Nelly De Vuyst® Soothing Lotion is specifically designed for hyper-sensitive, intolerant skin presenting dark circles and puffiness. Formulated with soothing and decongesting ingredients to instantly relieve irritation, tingling or itching sensations.

    [ 3.30 fl.oz – 100 ml ]

  • Zone Control BioFemme

    3-day cure targets vaginal yeast infections. Its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory organic ingredients assist in re-balancing the intimate flora while relieving itching, redness, burning and feelings of discomfort.

    [ 5.30 fl.oz – 150 ml ]