• Alaska® After Waxing Tea Tree Oil

    Use after waxing to remove any residue. This oil has antiseptic and therapeutic effects which helps to prevent breakouts and redness.

    [ 8.00 fl.oz – 225 ml ]

  • Alaska® Mint & Aloe | After Wax Body Lotion

    Apply immediately after waxing, laser hair removal or electrolysis. Helps to soothe the symptoms of redness. Skin is hydrated and soft. Ideal for irritated skin.

    [ 16.7 fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Alaska® Prewax Powder

    Ideal before waxing to remove any dampness on the skin. Guaranteed to leave you feeling dry and comfortable.

    [ 33.8 oz. ]

  • Alaska® Vanilla | Hydrating Body Lotion

    Use a small quantity of Alaska® Hydrating Lotion after a bath or shower preferably after the Luffa glove. This lotion is ideal after waxing treatments. Your skin will be left soft and hydrated.

    [ 10 fl.oz – 300 ml ]

  • Alaska® Wax Cleaner

    Natural, ideal solution to clean wax residue while being environmentally friendly and safe for the user. A few drops on all residue and watch it go to work. It is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as floors, vinyl, metal, melamine and for depilatory instruments like spatulas, wax heaters, slip-covers, uniforms and towels.

    [ 33.8 fl.oz – 1000 ml ]

  • Disposable Bed Sheets

    Soft non-woven disposable fabric. Thick and durable material. Covers bed for waxing, massage or drape. Feels like a natural sheet, no noise and will not stick to client like paper.

    [ 40″x 72″ ] 100/Box

  • Epillyss® Aloe | Post-Depilatory Gel

    For a soothing, refreshing effect Aloe Vera has been used by Arabic and African cultures since the Middle Ages for its ability to sooth and heal skin. ÉPILLYSS® ALOE POST‑DEPILATORY GEL was developed to disinfect and soothe the skin after hair removal. It’s particularly recommended for highly sensitive parts of the body. ÉPILLYSS® ALOE POST‑DEPILATORY GEL leaves a cooling sensation on the skin, similar to the feeling of a cold compress. Its gel texture quickly penetrates the skin, producing an immediate and long‑lasting effect. We recommend storing it in a cold place to optimize its cooling aspect. ÉPILLYSS® ALOE POST‑DEPILATORY GEL gives you the opportunity to provide exceptional care that will set you apart from the competition. After application, you can also use our VITAMIN E BIOLOGICAL CREAM for maximum hydration. ÉPILLYSS® ALOE POST‑DEPILATORY GEL can also be used after laser hair removal, exfoliation and injection treatments, or after an irritating treatment such as microdermabrasion. The gel can also be used during galvanic electrotherapy treatments to soothe skin and allow the esthetician to provide a unique, personalized experience.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Marine Collagen | Post-Depilatory Milk

    MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK is a high‑quality formulation with moisturizing, softening and mineral‑replenishing properties due to its high mineral content. Naturally rich in vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and trace elements, it’s the ideal product for moisturizing, stimulating and firming the skin. MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK can be used daily after hair removal or as a moisturizing body lotion. It’s particularly recommended as moisturizing milk for individuals with dry, alipidic and rough skin. MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK reduces signs of premature aging and has a light, pleasant fragrance. MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK hydrates, tones and softens skin. It’s an ideal way to prevent damages caused by dry skin. Daily use will also render subsequent hair removal treatments easier and less painful. MARINE COLLAGEN POST‑DEPILATORY MILK is also recommended for manicures and pedicures, particularly those involving paraffin treatments.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Pre-Depilation Lotion

    Disinfects skin without drying it. Ideal before or after waxing or for electrolysis. ÉPILLYSS® pre‑depilatory lotion is the ideal product for disinfecting skin before and after hair removal treatments, such as waxing or electrolysis. It contains benzalkonium chloride, which is a powerful antiseptic that is extremely effective against germs, bacteria and yeast. This lotion does not contain any alcohol or alcohol derivatives which could irritate or dry skin. Furthermore, it does not cause skin follicles to constrict resulting in less discomfort during waxing session and making the insertion of electrolysis needle an easier task. We recommend that you offer clients the option of applying the lotion to intimate parts themselves prior to the treatment. ÉPILLYSS® pre‑depilatory lotion can also be used to disinfect feet and is highly effective in eliminating undesirable odors. As you can see, ÉPILLYSS® pre‑depilatory lotion is an essential part of the hair removal process.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Prohibit | Post-Depilatory Serum

    Slows hair regrowth ÉPILLYSS® PROHIBIT serum is an effective product for fighting hair regrowth, acting over time to thin out and weaken hair by destroying the chemical bonds of hair follicle as it forms. At its base, the hair bulb contains an area where cells are divided, called the hair matrix. Each cell divides every 39 hours, creating a new cell which is pushed upwards as other cells are formed and gradually strengthened by keratin in the upper part of the hair bulb. Therefore, it’s recommended that ÉPILLYSS® PROHIBIT serum be applied during these 39 hours following hair removal to prevent cellular division that produces hair. Results may be visible within 45 days, depending on the individual. ÉPILLYSS® PROHIBIT serum also prevents undesirable skin reactions in sensitive areas and on men’s backs.

    [ 4 fl.oz – 115 ml ]

  • Epillyss® Vitamin E | Post-Depilatory Cream

    For optimal regeneration of skin cells An organic skin‑softening vitamin E cream containing high‑quality natural ingredients that moisturize and calm skin. It will soften and sooth even the most sensitive or irritated skin. Daily use of VITAMIN E BIOLOGICAL CREAM is recommended between hair removal treatments to maintain skin health.

    [ 17½ fl.oz – 500 ml ]

  • Latex Fingertips

    Latex Finger Cots, powder free, natural latex. Comfortable and durable, use these fingertips to keep you clean and protected while working with wax.

    [ 144/Box ]

  • Minipil Premium Wax Warmer

    Everything you need to setup your spa or medical spa treatment rooms. Choose from a wide variety of treatment room accessories. This catalog only gives an overview, more items are available.

    *Prices may vary depending on options.

  • Paraffin Warmer | Medium

    • Compact and portable.
    • (3) Three heat settings: Low, Med and High.
    • Holds 3 lb of paraffin.
    • Equipped with a semi-transparent blue lid to prevent contamination.

    [ 1.4kg – 3lbs ] – Medium

  • Paraffin Wax | Pink

    Our high quality paraffin wax is very soft, flexible and doesn’t crack or break. It is blended with aromatic essential oils that are a symphony to your senses. For spa-manicure/spa-pedicure treatments. Intended to moisturize and soften the skin.

    [ Pink ]

  • Pellon Strip Roll

    This Pellon Wax Strip is made from non-woven fabric. It is strong and durable to use with all depilatory wax without any residue and will not allow wax to seep though. It is ideal to used for all body waxing.

    [ 3″ x 100 yards ]