Methode Physiodermie®

A Methodology Of Beauty

Developed in 1974, Methode Physiodermie® is a scientifically based beauty treatment method, an ideal integration of highest quality ingredients and Swiss cutting-edge technologies. Dedicated to skin care, Physiodermie embraces one objective, one philosophy: “To reach a Balance with respect to each individual’s Skin Aspect and Morphology”. It is more than just products. Highly recommended to women and men who are in the pursuit of the highest quality professional skin care.

  • Actinyl Duo #1 Balancing & #2 Repairing Care

    Impure Skin, Oily Skin
    The perfect synergy to restore healthy skin in a natural way.
    2 inseparable cares for impure skin: a balancing concentrate and a mattifying moisturizing fluid to restore a clear, healthy-looking skin.
  • After Shaving Care | Hydrating Soothing | For Men

    Soothes, moisturizes and regenerates facial skin after shaving. Protects the skin from dryness and irritation and helps prevent premature signs of ageing due to shaving.

    [ 4.2 fl.oz – 175 ml ]

  • Anti-Age Care | Cellular Energizer | For Men

    “Cellular Energizing Complex”. ANTI-AGE* specific for masculine skin. Diminishes the viable signs of aging: wrinkles, lack of vitality, dull skin, slackened skin. *Visible anti-age effect on skin.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Anti-Aging Holiday Kit

    Look and Feel Your Best this Holiday Season

    Sweeten The Season with our Anti-Aging Holiday Holiday Kit. Being beautiful comes from feeling happy and taking good care of yourself.

  • Anti-Redness | Micro-Gel

    Soft and light gel for sensitive skin prone to redness. Gives an immediate fresh sensation that soothes skin and improves its comfort.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Anti-Redness Emulsion

    Soft and light emulsion for sensitive skin prone to redness. Gives an even complexion and lasting comfort.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Bannipil | Post-Dipilatory Lotion

    Post – Depilatory Spray. Bannipil is a specially selected formula to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml]

  • Bioarome | Anti-Impurities (DS)

    Perfect epidermis moisturizer serum for impure, grey skin with pimples or blackheads to restore a healthy complexion.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Bioarome | Anti-Redness (FL)

    This serum is suitable for red tendency and sensitive skin. Gently moisturizes the skin and improves its aspect. Daily use will reduce the appearance of redness*, leaving skin feeling silky, cushioned. *Reduces redness due to dry skin.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Bioarome | Balancing (VD)

    An ideal serum to removes signs of tiredness. Reinforces the epidermis texture for a healthy and firmer looking skin.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Bioarome | Normalizing (HY)

    Purifies and balances the skin to improve its radiance. Renders a younger-looking and brighter appearance.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Bioarome | Oily Skin (RS)

    Rich in essential oils and plant extracts specific for the care of oily skin, this serum reduces the aspect of sebum on skin and provides a matte finish to the skin.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Bioarome | Purifying (DEP)

    Treatment serum for combination skin prone to blackheads. Perfect epidermis purifier. Restores a pure, fresh, healthy looking skin aspect.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Bioarome | Revitalizing (RC)

    Anti-aging treatment serum for devitalized and wrinkled skin. Contributes to restore moisture and vitality to the epidermis thus reducing wrinkle and fine lines appearance.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]

  • Bioarome | Sculpting (CEL)

    Serum with a high concentration of caffeine and plant extracts with firming and toning effects. Associated with skin massage, it will help to restore a smoother and firmer skin aspect. Its fresh natural scent allows a very pleasant application.

    [ 1.7 fl.oz – 50 ml ]

  • Bioarome | Soothing (CN)

    Thanks to its exclusive synergy of soothing essential oils and the M.E.I.M.A technology, this gentle treatment serum will help irritated and sensitive skin to feel smoother and more comfortable.

    [ 0.51 fl.oz – 15 ml ]