The skin’s Microbiome

The skin’s Microbiome

Here is what you need to know about the skin’s microbiome to keep your client’s skin healthy.

In this article, we wanted to address the increase in sensitized and compromised skin conditions that we are currently seeing in our spas and clinics. With online retail sales soaring over the past two years, the market flooded with fast and cheap formulas. These formulas focus on the highest concentrations with the trendiest ingredients. What is the short and long-term impact on the skin?

With the surplus of options currently available, our clients should all have great skin! However, with the lack of professional guidance about ingredients, many of our clients have skin that is more sensitized and far more reactive than ever before.

We will take a microscopic look at our skin but first, we need to understand the cause of unhealthy skin. With proven solutions, we can work with our clients to rebuild the barrier function and replenish the microbiota of their skin.

When we look at the overall health of the skin, the first line of defense is our skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. It is comprised of oils and water that make up the natural moisturizing factors of our skin. Here is where we find our skin’s Microbiota. The microbiome is our skin’s ecosystem of flora and is comprised of millions of different types of microorganisms that play a key role in our skin’s immunity. When the microbiome is in balance, the skin is healthy. The microbiome prevents infections by controlling the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and mediate inflammatory responses of the skin. It is an incredible aspect of our innate immunity but it is also very fragile and can be affected by many things we come in contact with. Medications, ingredients, and even stress can have an impact on our microbiome and lead to increased sensitivity and make us more prone to acne in some cases. If your clients have more diffused redness, find that products tingle as they are applied, or if they are experiencing breakout suddenly, it could be due to a compromised barrier function.

Clients need a proper skin consultation conducted by professionals and a review of the products they are currently using. We can help our clients repair the barrier function of the skin. We want to ensure the health and balance of the skin’s microbiome.

The first thing to look at is the type of cleanser they currently use. The facial cleanser is the main step of a skincare routine. The type of cleanser alone can affect the barrier function of the skin.

Problem: Harsh cleansers that include sulfates should be eliminated and replaced.

Solution: They should be replaced by the new generation of ultra-gentle surfactants naturally derived. Such as Decyl glucoside and coco glucoside. The easiest way to restore our skin balance is by using a gentle sulfate-free cleanser. For faster results and to help nourish our skin’s microbiome choose formulas that contain prebiotics such as Inulin and Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharides. These beneficial sugars will feed the good flora and ensure balance and protection for our skin.

The microbiome is a fascinating subject. For additional information, we have two webinars available on YouTube that expand on this topic through the lens of acne and Female wellness.

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