Weather & Skin Aging

Weather & Skin Aging

Anti-Aging skincare is always in style! Who wouldn’t want to look their most youthful and rejuvenated self? Aging attributes to several external factors that are not associated with our internal clock or genetic composition. Some of these external causes of aging are manageable, while others are not preventable. So, aging may seem inevitable. We may start to hyper-focus on fine lines and wrinkles. However, we are here to ease your concerns. Luckily with the help of modern skincare and high-quality, deeply-researched ingredients, we can reverse the effects.

We need to look at some external factors that may contribute to signs of early aging in our skin.

Sun: The sun is one of the main contributors to premature aging and causes of damage to the skin. It is the most prominent wrinkle-causing agent. The harsh UV rays we are exposed to when out in the sun can cause many changes in the skin. Sun damage can cause brown spots, pigmentation issues in the skin, redness, broken capillaries, fine lines, and wrinkles. All of these factors will make us look older than we are. 

The best way to prevent this type of aging is to wear sunscreen and avoid being out in the sun and peak hours when possible. It is of great importance to not only protect our face but our whole body. Protective clothing is always a good option when spending time outside. Pigmentation changes and brown spots anywhere on the body will cause the skin to look and feel older.

Wind: Wind reduces the moisture from our skin.  The wind is an example of an external factor that we cannot control. It eliminates our natural protective layers against the sun and UVS and then directly exposes us to the dangers of sun damage. On days that you know it is particularly windy outside, do not forget your sunscreen! Sunscreen is always a must, even if the sun is not visible or does not feel hot out. A rich hydrating sunscreen and a good moisturizer can help slow down the aging effects caused by the wind. Together, they will lock in moisture to your skin and protect you from the harmful damage of the sun penetrating your skin without the protective layers. 

Winter: The cold, harsh winters can be especially damaging if we do not prepare our skin for them. First off, a summer skincare routine is not universal. We should not be using the same products we used throughout the summer months in the winter. We need rich and more hydrating products to protect our skin. In the winter, we are affected inside and outside of our homes. The cold weather outside has less moisture in the air. It is more drying on the skin, and when we go inside, the dry heat of our heating systems continues to dry out the skin. We need to hyper moisturize and use high-quality cleansers that protect and contribute to our skin’s health instead of those with harmful ingredients such as alcohols that dehydrate our skin.

Lack of sleep & Excessive Stress: Remember that skincare is self-care. Taking care of our skin, and doing at-home facials will allow time for relaxation, and help us look more refreshed overall. Healthy skin contributes overall to our well-being. It will help reduce the effects stress and lack of sleep have on premature aging.

This season make sure your skincare collections are filled with products specialized for the cold and steer your clients towards great products that will keep their skin looking and feeling young and healthy.