Why A Client Chooses Your Institute?

Why A Client Chooses Your Institute?

Discover the 7 essential secrets that encourage customers to opt for your institute

1. Reputation

Before choosing an institute, most people will seek advice from those around them (family, friends, co-workers, etc.). A satisfied customer will always give excellent recommendations to their family about an institution or a professional. Developing referral programs for your existing customers is a great way to expand your business and build a reputation.

2. First Impression & Details

The first judgment observed of your institute is based on the first impression made of your front entrance. Pay special attention to the image of your institute. Stay on top of the quality of your marketing tools, availability of your products, fine visual details, cleanliness of your institute and bedding, appearance of your staff, reception area, etc.

Give everyone who walks in the door of your institute a sensory experience, be it the perception of your space, the ambient fragrance, the background music or the texture of product testers. As a welcome approach, offer tea or other drink and at the end of a treatment offer perhaps a small candy; it’s the fine details that often make all the difference.

3. Skin Assessment

First and foremost, the customer chooses a beauty professional who is expert in their field and is able to give them advice and give them personalized recommendations following a health questionnaire and a comprehensive skin analysis. A true skin expert must be equipped with skin diagnostic tools such as a Woods Lamp® (skin scanner) or other advanced technologies such as Reveal® or Visia® for example.

Damages caused by the sun, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, dryness, the most oily areas, wrinkles, rosacea, etc., can easily be seen by both expert and client, thus facilitating solution recommendations.

4. Advice

A customer wishes to receive expert advice from their skin care professional. This is why a skin care expert must be able to pull together all the data from a client’s health survey, lifestyle habits and results of the skin diagnosis in order to make 3 dimensional recommendations:

  1. Establish a professional single or in series care program performed in your institute combining products and equipment.
  2. Recommend home use skin care products to extend and maximize the effects of the care performed in your institute and explain how each one is used.
  3. Provide advice related to lifestyle habits that the client can incorporate according to his dietary level routine or stress control, etc.

5 Services

Upon entering your institute, a customer always consults the service menu. Be sure to offer services that are diversified and unique, combining equipment and skin care products. Also provide a variety of services that will for sure meet the needs of any customer or help them discover new treatments.

6. Skin Care Line & Knowhow

An institute known for providing extraordinary results and make a memorable experience is an institute of choice for all new customers. This is why the choice of a range of professional treatments and result-oriented retail treatments combined with staff expertise are crucial to the quality of care provided.

It is thus important to receive ongoing support from your skin care product distributor and participate in trainings on a regular basis to improve the knowledge and skills of your employees.

7. Follow-Up

A customer is always grateful when their skin care professional regularly follows up on them about the progress of their skin care treatment or let them know about your institutes latest products or services. This reflects the professional dedication to a customer and will help build a solid trust relationship.

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