Year-End Marketing Plan Memo

Year-End Marketing Plan Memo

With only a few months left before the Holiday Season and this being the most profitable and busiest period of the year for many spas/med spas, ensure a successful year-end by planning your Marketing Strategy early.

1. Determine your promotions for both your services and retail products

Always go with what you know! At the same time, look back at your history of product, service and promotional sales during that same time period. Engage your clients by offering them a wish list.

2. Pre-order your gift cards

In addition to maximizing your profits through your service and product sales, offering gift cards are always a great way to recruit new clients and allow product and service discovery during the slower periods of the year.

3. Consider rewarding your most loyal customers

Plan a VIP event with gift bags, free samples, draws and more as a means of thanking your clients who have been the most loyal to your business throughout the year.

4. Plan the decoration of your Spa/Med Spa

Gift baskets, decorations, etc….; make a list of everything you need in order to create a festive atmosphere in your spa/med spa. Divide the tasks amongst your employees leading up to the holidays so that your spa/med spa can be ready and set in time for the holidays.

5. Prepare your newsletter in advance

Do not wait until the last minute! Prepare your newsletter in advance so that it can be ready to be sent off before the Holiday Rush sneaks up on you. Newsletters are always a great way to announce all your upcoming specials and events not only during the holiday season but for the slower periods during the year as well. To maximize the potential of the newsletter, always make sure to reconfirm your clients’ email addresses at each appointment.

6. Choose your communication channels

Maximize your potential to recruit more clients by exploring all the different communication networks available to you. Update your website and social networks on a regular basis with all your promotions and yearly events. Use your local media resources such as newspapers, magazines or radio stations to place advertisements and announce all your promotions. A holiday video including your staff would be a nice touch to promote your business as it creates a friendly and personal touch.

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