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Eco-Responsible Charter

We are very proud of our ECORESPONSIBLE™ Certification, level 1. Commitment. Our entire team mobilized with conviction in this stage of preparation for change. We are now part of the ÉCOLEADERS of Quebec!

This Charter testifies to the commitment of the managers and employees of Derme&Co to integrate the principles of sustainable development into all spheres of the company’s activity (from strategic decision-making processes to daily operations), in the strict compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

Derme&Co’s mission will go well beyond the marketing of products, since it will help develop its entire value chain, from producers to consumers in the development and adoption of products that are more respectful of health and of the environment. Always at the forefront, Derme&Co will be a real catalyst for innovation, in the fields of chemistry, transport, zero-waste, etc.

Internally, Derme&Co will provide its employees with a work environment in perfect harmony with its values. Energy efficient buildings will be designed to promote the well-being of those who work there: natural light, spaces for socializing and relaxation, etc. The different teams and departments will communicate effectively and the internal dynamic will allow employees to take initiative and participate in certain business decisions. Derme&Co will encourage eco-responsible behavior by everyone, by making it easier to take sustainable development into account, whether at the professional or personal level.

Our Engagement

Being fully aware of the impacts of the current lifestyle and our consumption, we are committed to:

Our values

We carry the values that allow us to develop long-term relationships and constantly innovate.


A Pioneering Organization

Our ECORESPONSIBLE™ Certification, issued by ECOCERT CANADA, positions us as a pioneering organization and allows us to add value to our service offering. It testifies to our values and our desire to improve in a perspective of sustainable development.