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Drop Ship Services

Delivering Confidence One Order at a Time

Leave the worries of storing, labeling and shipping to us…

No Risk, and all the Rewards

Derme&Co. Drop Ship Service helps you sell our entire catalog of products to your clients without keeping a full inventory. We ship direct to your customer quickly and without any hassle for you.

We want to make the process of ordering our products as easy as possible. We completely eliminate your risk of stocking a huge inventory, leasing expensive warehouse space and employee overhead, allowing you to have more financial backing for your other business needs.

With our drop shipping and order fulfillment services, we deliver a turnkey process designed for your convenience—lowering your upfront costs, enabling scalability and removing the burden of supply chain management.

By partnering with Derme&Co. you can leverage our advanced logistics capabilities and can rest assured that your products will arrive on time, as expected, thanks to same-day shipping and 100% inventory accuracy. If you want to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, you need a partner who can support your business with robust order fulfillment capabilities.

Access to 500+ Products
Easy to Scale
Multi-Warehouse Locations
Preferred Shipping Rates

How Drop Shipping Works

No more up front inventory costs or shipping logistics. With drop shipping, products are sent directly from our warehouses to your customers. It’s a 4-Step Process:

How Can I Benefit from This?

Drop Shipping offers some significant advantages to merchants. When you read about the wonders of successfully executed drop ship strategies, these are the main draws:

No inventory, no packaging, no shipping—just profits…

How Much?

Remember, drop shipping is a very valuable service and is worth paying for. At Derme&Co., we charge you on a per order basis.

HOW DO YOU CALCULATE?: You will first need to purchase the items from us at your wholesale price.  We will then add 25% fee for the Drop Ship Service to the order based on Order Total Before Taxes.  We will then proceed to find the best possible price amongst our carriers to ship the products to your customer’s location and add it to the order.

*A Credit Card is required on file. All Drop Ship orders are to be paid upfront regardless of the B2B payment agreement. All disputes with end-consumer are to be handled by the B2B Partner not Derme&Co.

25% / order
plus shipping and handling

  • Multi-Warehouses
  • Preferred Shipping Rates
  • Over 500+ Products Available for Selling
  • Order Tracking
  • E-mail, File transfer and Shopping Cart Integration
  • Non-Branded Packaging Used
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not convinced about our Drop Ship Service and have unanswered questions? Review our FAQs below. Contact your Customer Service Agent for more information.

Drop shipping is when you sell products to customers but use a third party to hold your inventory and ship your orders. Drop shipping business owners focus on the branding, marketing, and customer management part of their business while a third party handles their logistics for them.

Drop shipping has the potential to be profitable. For starters, online shopping continues on an upward trajectory. Further, merchants don’t need to make inventory investments upfront, so this keeps more capital at the ready for other purposes.

No, the beauty of drop shipping is that you don’t need to hold any inventory yourself. Just order it from us once a customer has bought from you.

Once you purchase the products in the order from us at your wholesale price, we add 25% to that before taxes and then the shipping and handling fees on top.

As a Drop Shipper, we are transparent to the end-consumer. All disputes with end-consumers are to be handled by the B2B Partner and not Derme&Co.. You then deal with us if it is something on our side we need to fix.  As your business partner, we are always there to assist you in making things right.

It’s hard to say. Shipping times vary depending on many different factors. Shipments can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, like postal strikes or severe weather conditions.  On a safe estimate, foresee 5-7 business days with regular delivery.

We will use what is called blind drop ship, so the end-customer doesn’t know exactly where it came from. We use unbranded boxes and do not put any paperwork in the box unless asked to.

No, there is not. There is no minimum order requirement for our drop ship program.

Yes, we provide the complete tracking number for each order that is drop-shipped to your end-customer. Make sure e-mail address is included in the order sent to us.

Orders that arrive before 11am EST typically go out the same day. Orders that arrive after 3pm EST typically go out the next business day. Shipping and payment confirmations may cause delays.

Drop Ship Service

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