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Spread the Word and Get Paid for It

Promote our broad catalog of products and earn up to 35% COMMISSION on your affiliate sales.

Join our Affiliate Program, spread the word and share prosperity with us. Affiliates are our partners and we want them to make money too! Joining our Affiliate Program has many exciting benefits for you and your business.

The Story Behind It: In modern business history, never have we witnessed a more serious disruption of general business activities. Born during the start of the COVID-19 crisis and spa businesses being forced to close, Derme&Co. devised a way for their trusted Business Partners to continue making money while being locked down. So we went to work and decided that affiliate marketing was the smart option in this time of economic uncertainty and voila, The Affiliate Program was born. Since then, the program has evolved and our Business Partners couldn’t be happier.

Our Affiliate Program allows you access to a broad catalog of products from the Derme&Co. family of brands to sell to your visitors and make money. As one of our affiliates, you will also receive expert service and support any time you need it.

We are confident in stating that we have very strong conversion rates, so once your visitors come to one of our affiliate site(s), the chances are very high that they will purchase and you will earn your commission.

Who Can Join?

Our Affiliate Program is reserved exclusively for our Derme&Co. Business Partners. When you join our Affiliate Program, you will have access to our well-known brands and innovative products at your fingertips to begin earning revenue quickly and effectively.

Created with You in Mind

We make it easy to work with us. Our Affiliate Program is designed to make selling Derme&Co.’s product catalog easy so you can start earning money right away! There are no special skills required to use our Affiliate Program.

Monetize your content with minimal effort using trackable links from our trusted affiliate software.

Getting Started Is So Easy

Just Link It & Leave It

When you join our Affiliate Program, we will provide you access to a wide range of custom made banners, special promotions, text links and images that you place wherever you like on your social platforms (E-mails, Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, Blogs, etc…). When a visitor clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our official site(s) and their activity will be automatically tracked by our Affiliate Program Software. Once a purchase is completed, you can earn up to 35% Commission!

Orders are shipped directly from our warehouses and you don’t have to do anything else!

Reasons to Become a Derme&Co. Affiliate Partner

At Derme&Co., we know the power of a good recommendation—and we want to make it easy for you to earn money quickly and effectively.

Derme&Co. products speak for themselves.  By joining the Derme&Co.’s Affiliate Program, you open up unlimited earnings potential for yourself. Our Affiliate Program provides stable commission payouts throughout the customer lifecycle. You will be receiving up to 35% commission from every sale made by your referrals.

Our team works hard in order to continuously provide affiliates with assistance, support and feedback when needed. We make sure that you have easy access to the materials you need when you need them. Whether you are just starting on your affiliate endeavor or are a seasoned pro, we got you covered.

Commission Structure

Become a Derme&Co. affiliate, help us spread the word about our amazing products using your affiliate link and earn up to 35% commission on a recurring basis.

Commission Rate 35% 35% 15%
Portal Dashboard Access
Affiliate Payouts 15th Day/Monthly 15th Day/Monthly 15th Day/Monthly
Cookie Life 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Program Offered To Business Partners Only Business Partners Only Business Partners Only

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not convinced about our Affiliate Program and have unanswered questions? Review our FAQs below. Contact your Customer Service Agent for more information.


The Derme&Co. Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring your customers to one of our eligible affiliate sites. Each time you refer a customer to one of our sites and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission (a percentage of each sale). We handle the transaction processing, fulfillment and customer service. Through your Affiliate Portal, we provide you with detailed reports on sales that were referred from your website and every 15th day of the month, we payout for the commission you earned.

  • Fill out the application(s) for any or all brands.
  • Get approved to the program. (Allow 1-2 Business days for approval)
  • Once approved, you’ll receive a welcome email with your login credentials to enter the affiliate management platform and supporting documentation.
  • Promote Derme&Co.’s family of brands through your affiliate URL.
  • Login to your portal at any time to see reports of how you are doing, how many people are browsing and what they’re buying. Run reports your way whenever you want – they’re updated every day.
  • Get paid up to 35% commission!

Applying to and participating in the Derme&Co. Affiliate Program is absolutely FREE. There are no fees of any kind – there is no charge to apply and no minimum sales requirement. Note: The Affiliate Program is open and available exclusively to our Business Partners.

Derme&Co. offers 3 Affiliate Programs for the following brands: Nelly De Vuyst Skin Care, Methode Physiodermie Skin Care and Druide Organic Products. Each brand has its own affiliate program and is treated individually.

We provide a variety of resources to help new and existing affiliates thrive with the Derme&Co. affiliate program.

Upon approval into Derme&Co.’s Affiliate Program, you will get access to the platform and find a variety of text links, banners, infographics, videos and more to help you spread the word about our Brands. You’ll also receive a welcome email with a link to our Affiliate Promotion Guide, which details on how to promote and all features of your Affiliate Portal.

An affiliate link is your custom affiliate URL which you’ll need to share with your network. It will forward them to one of Derme&Co.’s affiliate sites. You’ll get it once you submit an application and log into your affiliate control panel.

Derme&Co. offer multiple online reports with information that’s updated in real-time to make it simple to keep track of the impressions, click-through, orders, and commissions you’ve earned. You can actually determine the effectiveness of each link and see which products your visitors are buying. Run as many reports as you want, whenever you want. Note: Each Affiliate Brand has its own Affiliate Portal. You must login to each to see your reports.

Our Affiliate Software uses a complex algorithm to automatically detect sales and utilizes a combination of cookie and IP address solutions for tracking.

Yes! Derme&Co.’s family of brands all have the same affiliate program. By signing up, you will have access to and be able to drive traffic to all of our brands, including Nelly De Vuyst, Methode Physiodermie and Druide. Note: Each brand has its own Affiliate Program and you need to apply for each separately.

When logged into the partner portal, navigate to Affiliates > Affiliates URLs to get all available URL codes and links created. Use the Creatives section to copy pre-made banners ready-made to share.

No. Catalog, pricing and availability updates are all part of our integrated catalog and ordering platform(s). Orders are required to pass through our affiliate sites so we can track the entire process and be able to associate the sale to you.

The Affiliate Program is offered only to our Business Partners. However, we reserve the right to deny or revoke membership any time if we deem your platform contains or links to objectionable material. Objectionable material includes, but is not limited to, pornography, explicit language or content, violence, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities, violation of intellectual property rights or laws, libelous, defamatory or disparaging materials, or websites with little or no original content.


All links from your website to one of Derme&Co.s affiliate sites contain a unique identifier so that every time a user comes to us via your website (URL), we can credit you when a purchase is made. Make sure that all links on your website are valid so that they can be tracked correctly.

You will have access to an online, password-protected reporting system on our Affiliate Site(s) that will provide you detailed statistics for your website. To be able to identify and track visitors and properly assign commissions to referring websites, we append a unique code for each visitor to each page and each link within the page seen by the visitor. This code follows the user throughout the website. When the visitor completes a purchase, the code is examined and the dollar amount of the sale, together with the Source ID of the referring website, is stored in our database so that your commission can be calculated.

We provide unlimited access to detailed reports that allow you to track sales and traffic activity. There are numerous reports on our Affiliate Portal(s) that are updated daily. These reports tell you how many users saw and clicked-through links from your website, how many orders were placed, which products were purchased, how much your website has earned in commission and much more. These reports will help you maximize your revenue.

Commission rates are based on the net sales you generate per month and vary by brand (see: Commissions Structure Table). You can earn up to a 35% standard commissions on all products. If a customer comes to one of our Affiliate Sites directly from your shared URL and then buys any product, you get credit.

All commissions are paid out on the 15th day of every month. This time allows for returns and adjustments to be made. Commisions are paid out as a credit toward your Business Account or by Check* (must be approved). Ex: All commissions accumulated for the month of January will be paid to you on February 15th of the next month and so on… Commisions are calculated on the Subtotal of the Sale (excludes taxes, shipping).

A cookie is technology that works with web browsers to store information like user preferences, login information, etc. For affiliate programs, cookies are used to track when a visitor to your site clicks on a link or banner and then follows that link and makes a purchase. This identifies you as the referrer of the sale and you get paid a commission. Note: We provide our affiliates with a 30-day cookie duration. Cookies are dependent of users’ browser and can be deleted by the user.

Affiliate Program

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