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Nelly Gives Back Program

All Women Deserve to Feel Beautiful in Their Skin.

Through the Nelly Gives Back Program, Nelly De Vuyst® invests in the well-being of women who are affected by a skin problem.

– A quest for healthy skin

Giving people a chance to make their dreams reality. Coming to the aid of women suffering from skin disorders. A devastating amount of women are conflicted with their appearance and skin concerns.  The mission of the Nelly De Vuyst Gives Back Program – a non-profit organization – is to help financially disadvantaged women suffering with skin disorders.

The Nelly De Vuyst Gives Back Program began in April 2010. It is the culmination of years of dreaming combined with the passionate determination of its founding president Marlène Fradette. Our main goal is to help women regain confidence by feeling healthy and beautiful.

The Program’s Genesis: the combination of a determined woman and a lifetime’s experience in skin care.

How The Program Works

Apply or nominate someone with a skin problem. Selected applicants receive $1000 in Nelly De Vuyst products or services.

Skin Conditions by The Numbers

A Quest for Healthy Skin…

20% of Canadians live with acne.

1 Million Canadians are diagnosed with psoriasis.

2 Million Canadians have rosacea.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    You can submit your information directly on our website by filling out a form.

    We accept all submissions from women in need. While all treatable skin conditions are accepted, this program also gives a helping hand to women who are in need of aesthetic help but are unable to themselves get the proper guidance.

    Yes, this program is specifically for women.

    No, we are offering help to skin types of all ages that are in need. There is no age requirement in this program.

    In a nutshell, this program is dedicated to give a helping hand to women around the world achieve their skincare goals. We bring out their natural features and help them gain their confidence back.

    Nelly Gives Back Program

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